Month: April 2019

How to Avoid Nail Breakage

Every woman dreads breaking their nail but despite caring for their nails many of them experience broken or split nails before in many different ways. It may not be a big deal since nails grow back pretty quickly but if the nail breaks from the skin bed, this is the part that makes it annoying. But breaking the nail is inevitable for some so if that thing happens to you, instead of ripping off the nail sticking on a Band-Aid while it grows out, there are ways to fix the nail and keep it intact.  But if you can’t stand seeing your broken nail, might as well use a cute Band-aid to cover your broken nail.

Avoid Nail Breakage

Ways to Fix Broken Nails

You have diligently grown, painted and buffed your nails until all of them are the same length but you suddenly felt a little snag on your manicure and just like that your dream nails are gone but fret not because we have some tips for you that can help you fix your nails and grow them stronger for next time.

If you have a nail polish, remove them from your broken nails, make sure that your nails are plain and wash your hand with warm water.

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