Do Your Own Nails at Home Using Dipping Powder

Most women do their own nails at home because they hate the waiting game in the nail salon. However, most of them also use nail polish which is easy to use, doesn’t damage their nails and can be removed easily, but it doesn’t last long especially if they do most of the house task. I’m sure many of you have heard about dip powder but are hesitant to use it because you don’t know where to start. Here are some of the things you need to know about dipping powder to help you get started:

SNS Dipping Powder

Dip Powder is easy to apply

If you have done your nails before, then you can use dip powder on your own. Here are the steps how:

To apply, prepare the nails by removing cuticles and buffing the surface like the normal way you do. Then apply a base on the nail and dip it into the powder, two dips per nails is recommended. After that, use an activator to harden the nails then you can start smoothing and buffing your nails once it’s dry. You can get kits for professional nails supplies from nail store and you can start your journey to dipping powder. The cost of a starter pack is a little bit more than the cost of one trip to the salon but you can get more than 20 manicures in the end so you are saving a lot in the long run.

Several Options Available

Nail store has several colours available-pretty much every colour under the sun out there. We also have wholesale nail polish and wholesale nail supply that you can get with more than 300 different colours from different brands. There are also glitters and shimmer colours if you are looking to add some sparkle in your life.

Very Easy to Remove

Luckily for you, removing dip powder in very easy. You can remove it by simply using an acetone. Simply use a file to break the seal on your Dip Powder – you’ll want to remove the shine so the acetone can soak into your manicure to remove it. Once you have filed off the shine you can apply acetone, usually a foil wrap is the easiest way to hold an acetone soaked cotton ball onto your nail. Then, let it sit for 7-10 minutes. The Dip Powder should wipe off easily at this point. If it doesn’t, don’t peel it or file it. Just let it sit a little longer till it comes off.

Do not let your fear keep you from experiencing the best nail care you can give yourself. By following these simple instructions, you can achieve that salon-like beautiful nails without hurting your pocket. Avoid recent trips to the salon and do your nails on your own so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Having your own kit will also enable you to repair your nails once something goes wrong.