Create the Ultimate Throwback Look on Your Nails with Tie-Dye Effect

As a little girl, you must have created one of those arts that they usually make on summer camp- The tie-dye effect. It is that easy-to-do art that will make you feel like you are Picasso once you are done with it. Guess what? The tie-dye has emerged to become one of the biggest trends in nail art this season. It’s all over the social media sites and it is also cropping up on runway and fashion industry. It is spreading like a wild-fire and many women are donning it mainly because it can add a little pep to the step and a little reminder of their innocence and marvel of childhood. Get inspired by these tie-dye ideas and show off your bubbly side with fun nail art designs.

Tie-Dye Nail Designs

Butterfly Effect

If you don’t want to cover your entire nails with bright colors, you can try this one instead. Paint the basecoat nude then create the tie-dye effect on the lower part of the nail bed. Using simple colors and basic technique, you can easily create a butterfly-like effect.

The Traditional Tie-Dye

When we think of the word tie-dye, the first thing that would come to mind would be the colorful shirts worn on the 70’s and we cannot blame you because that was the era where this technique became famous. Channel your inner Janis Joplin and re-create the look on your nails using neon colors and relive that 70’s vibe.

The Tie-Dye Accent Nail

Let’s be realistic, not all girls want to paint their nails bright. For those who feel that a whole hand of tie-dye nails is a bit over the top, go with this look. Paint your nails with the color that you want and create an accent nail on single finger using the tie-dye effect and you are still in the loop.

Tie-Dye using Nail Dipping Powder

You might have heard the technique called “water marbling” one way or another. While this technique is the easiest way to achieve a tie-dye effect, the thing is it doesn’t last long. A new and better way to make tie-dye is by using nail dipping powder. Not only it last longer it also gives the look a better texture.

Rainbow Tie-Dye

Create mesmerizing swirl designs on your finger using pastel shades from every section of the rainbow and your hands will be ready for the weekend. The technique also resembles tie-dye, with the little watercolor-like strikes that make up each line.

Cotton Candy-Like Tie-Dye

This sweet treats is not only for your sweet tooth but also for your nails. Use cotton candy like colors of pastel blue, pink, yellow and green and your nails will look so great you would want to lick it every minute. Every inch of this design looks sweet because of the sweet combination of colors.

Patriotic Tie-Dye

Join in on the most playful trend of the summer by splashing red, white, and blue DND DC gel polish onto your nails for a pop of color.