About Us

Harman Kaur Dhillon launched Kaur Collection jewelry in April2009. After her extenslve experience in the high-end fashion industry, using her creative energy to designstatement jewelry was the natural next step. She derives the inspiration for her collection from her Indian heritage. In the scteenth century, women of Mughal royalty were glven large mirror rings to be wom on their thumbs to check their appearance to ensure they were flawless at all times. Her middle name, Kaur, means “princess” in Punjabl, creating a perfect platform for Kaur Collection. Harman has fused this concept with the look of art deco for a totally modern collection. A lover ofstatement jewelry along with a love of mirror detailing, Harman knows that these pieces will stand out and make a bold yet refined statement. Each piece s made with 18k gold plating.