Month: August 2019

Create the Ultimate Throwback Look on Your Nails with Tie-Dye Effect

As a little girl, you must have created one of those arts that they usually make on summer camp- The tie-dye effect. It is that easy-to-do art that will make you feel like you are Picasso once you are done with it. Guess what? The tie-dye has emerged to become one of the biggest trends in nail art this season. It’s all over the social media sites and it is also cropping up on runway and fashion industry. It is spreading like a wild-fire and many women are donning it mainly because it can add a little pep to the step and a little reminder of their innocence and marvel of childhood. Get inspired by these tie-dye ideas and show off your bubbly side with fun nail art designs.

Tie-Dye Nail Designs

Butterfly Effect

If you don’t want to cover your entire nails with bright colors, you can try this one instead. Paint the basecoat nude then create the tie-dye effect on the lower part of the nail bed. Using simple colors and basic technique, you can easily create a butterfly-like effect. Read More